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Digital Asset Search

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Digital Asset Search

Our Digital Asset Search is available as an addition to our Financial Asset and Liability Search, requesting a thorough search of 50 further organisations and online providers.

Over recent years, the online presence of individuals has increased tenfold and because Digital Assets can be defined as anything which is owned digitally that can create value, they need to be located and dealt with as part of an estate. This can include everything from social media profiles, online shopping accounts, online banking through to cryptocurrency, all giving an additional headache for Executors and Solicitors when conducting the administration of an estate.

The Inheritance Data Financial Asset and Liability search already conducts a search of over 350 Financial databases along with one of the UK’s largest credit data agencies for a comprehensive search for accounts, policies, shares, liabilities and more, but now has the additional ability to search and report on digital assets held by the deceased.

Whilst our liability search already provides information on credit and store cards, we have expanded the search reach to be able to request a thorough search of an additional 50 Institutions covering ;


    • Cryptocurrency exchanges

    • Marketplace providers

    • Online shopping accounts

    • Gambling providers

    • Online and Social Media Presence
    • Registered email and domains

Within the new Digital Asset Search, we will also undertake a comprehensive search for any online presence held by the deceased to include the likes of social media accounts. The addition of a Digital Asset Search further helps Executors and Administrators to build a complete picture of an individual’s affairs prior to any distribution, with one search form.

This new service will be an optional extra to complement our award-winning Financial Asset and Liability search which can be requested seamlessly along with other additional services such as a Combined Will search and the placing of legal notices.

Digital Asset Search

£25 + VAT

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