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Section 27 of Trustees Act 1925

Section 27 of Trustees Act 1925 gives the right to the trustees to safeguard themselves from any claims or liabilities while distributing or conveying a questionable property. They can do so by publishing the notice in Gazette and local newspapers as per the specifications mentioned in the section. The period of notice is set to 2 months within which any concerned person can convey their claim to the trustee.

Placing a notice demonstrates that all steps have been taken to identify potential creditors prior to distributing estate funds.

Failure to place a Section 27 Gazette Notice could result in the Personal Representatives becoming personally liable for any potential liabilities to creditors of the estate.

  • Official entry placed in the Gazette.
  • Notice placed in local papers at request.
  • Mitigate any risk from potential creditors.


Section 27 notice £90 + VAT

Section 27 Local Advertisement £POA

Legal Notice

FROM £90 + VAT

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