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Financial Asset Search

Inheritance Data

Financial Asset Search

Executors have a duty to locate all the assets due to an estate and must be able to demonstrate that they have conducted a thorough search of where assets may have been held by the deceased. 

Inheritance Data offer a comprehensive search for all assets that are due to an estate and offer Executors and Administrations peace of mind whilst fulfilling their professional duty.

Our service helps to;

tick Perform due diligence when undertaking your duty as Executor or Administrator. 

tick Reduce risk of locating assets in the future and incurring expensive legal costs. 

tick Reduce administration time whilst ensuring all relevant financial institutions are contacted. 

tick Uncover accounts & policies that may not have been known to the family or Executor. 

tick Benefit from our expertise in inheritance recovery, asset reunification and data handling.

tick Detailed online reports provided, showing the next steps and status of each account. 

tick Maximise estate value in a cost-efficient way.

tick Mitigate HMRC fines for understated Inheritance Tax.

 We search a comprehensive list of banks, building societies, investment managers, share registrars, pension providers life assurance companies and more to uncover any type of account or policy.

The asset search will investigate the following institution types and aim to uncover lost, dormant or active accounts. 


Banks & Building Societies
DWP search
Life Assurance
National Savings & Investments
Personal Pensions

Notifications are provided to the user when a financial institution reports a ‘match.’ Responses are visible in real-time through our portal and include reference number, contact information and any correspondence issued by each Institutions.

(All searches are protected by our Estate Distribution Warranty, meaning if an asset is located up to 10 years after a search is placed then any additional costs to redistribute any funds can be claimed up to £10,000.)

Financial Asset Search

£160 + VAT

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