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Our Partners

Our Partners

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the National Will Register to offer a certainty Will Search of over 9.4 million registered Wills. The Will search is one of new additional services available through our industry leading platform. 

 When a loved one has died, use Settld’s free death notification service to inform all companies in one go. Request account closure, transfer or amendment, obtain date of death balances for probate, and track everything through to completion in once central place. 

Inheritance Data have partnered with Settld, to conduct a full asset search for their users to ensure nothing is missed. 

Established since 1995 in Horsham, West Sussex, Share Data is a provider of high quality, prompt, efficient and comprehensive valuation services dedicated to both professionals and private individuals. Our clients choose our services so they can feel secure in knowing that we are able to take care of everything involving tradeable securities in the UK and abroad.

Our clientele has always relied on us to deliver this high level of professional service and we promise them the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism when dealing with their situation.

We have been accredited with the ISO 9001 certification since January 2013. This long-term commitment to maintaining and improving a level of excellence in delivering valuation services.

Property Solutions Group are a specialist property company working with property related matters arising from legal cases across the UK since 2015.

They focus on providing services that protect, maintain and market property to; maximise value, in some cases increasing value, to save you time and money.