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Liability Search

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Liability Search

 Having partnered with leading credit data provider Equifax, we are pleased to offer our comprehensive Liability Search. 

Professional Executors or Administrators, Deputies or Attorneys are duty-bound to identify and settle any estate debts and liabilities. If the deceased has any liabilities that are not clear at the time of passing, any creditors can claim payment from the Legal Representative or from funds paid to beneficiaries. 

 To help identify estate accounts and mitigate against the risk of missed debts or liabilities, and assess potential solvency before applying for the Grant, our Liability Search performs an electronic check of digital credit data held by Equifax. The Liabilities Search is quick, precise and easy to understand including information on;

  • Bankruptcy, CCJs, and IVA

  • Previous Names, Previous Addresses and Financially Connected Persons

  • Open and closed current accounts, credit cards, mortgages, pay day loans and more.

The completed Liabilities Search will be available 24 hours and identifies the account provider, account reference, account open and closing dates, so you can gain a better understanding of the client’s financial status and make relevant enquiries to prevent debt accrual. By identifying account providers, the report also helps signpost potential estate assets and savings

  • Protection for Executors from the risk of missed liabilities
  • Reduced administrative effort and greater efficiency in identifying estate creditors
  • Compliments the Financial Asset Search to offer a complete picture of estate affairs. 
Liability Search

£15 + VAT (onto Financial Asset Search)

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