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Key tie-up with the National Will Register

Leading financial asset search company, Inheritance Data, has announced a key partnership with The National Will Register.

The new tie-up means that users accessing the Inheritance Data platform will be able, through their login, to conduct a seamless Certainty Will search with The National Will Register.

The move confirms Inheritance Data’s unique position as the leading UK financial asset search company, with its patented, pioneering technology and API integrated clients.

Daniel Cane, chief executive of Inheritance Data, said: “We are excited to be
working with our new service partner, The National Will Register and its Certainty Will Search service, a necessary step in the administration of an estate.“ With more and more customers and clients accessing the Inheritance Data platform, we have listened to what additional features they’d like to see and partners they’d like us to work with, and we are pleased to unveil the future.

“We are thrilled with our new look portal, our new services and functions, and to
be working with a new range of partners who will be announced over the coming weeks, each of whom continues to make Inheritance Data the premier financial search service in the UK.”

The National Will Register has evolved from Certainty, the National Will Register, to become the trademarked National Will Register for the UK, providing Will Registration and Certainty Will Search services to the public and profession. Since 2006, The National Will Register has continued to grow with over 9.7 million Wills in the system, a number which grows daily. At peak times, one Will is registered every two seconds.

Astrid Bowser, Senior Product Manager, at The National Will Register, said:
“Certainty Will Search is proven to reduce the risk of distributing an estate during probate on an assumed intestacy basis or when a Will or later Will may exist. “There are many reasons why a Will may have been forgotten about, maliciously destroyed, or where an unknown later copy exists. Assets found using the Inheritance Data Financial Asset Search can be distributed in confidence to the rightful beneficiaries using the Certainty Will Search service.
“Inheritance Data customers can seamlessly order their Certainty Will Search via the Inheritance Data platform through to The National Will Register quickly and securely thanks to encrypted APIs.”

Daniel Cane added: “Our clients have always been at the heart of our
organisation and we place the highest priority on their user experience. That’s
why we have added new services and functions and why we have given our
platform a fresh new look.

“The latest developments will enable us to integrate with several partners
seamlessly, allowing us to offer additional services as well as our industry leading Financial Asset Search.”

Inheritance Data’s comprehensive asset search, along with a liability search
function which is coming online soon, will identify any assets that are due to an
estate, or any liabilities that an estate may owe.

This information will build a complete picture of the financial affairs which will
allow executors to act accordingly.

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