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Is your probate administration maximising estate values?

In October 2019, £1.1 million of unknown assets was discovered for a beneficiary.

Professional executors are increasingly being used to handle the probate of estates, but how many of those estates might have hidden assets trapped within them? Are you ensuring that you are following the best practice procedures and searching for assets which belong to the estate?

 A financial asset search could maximise the estate value and will ensure that you are following due diligence.

 Executors have a duty of care to find the beneficiaries to an estate and to confirm that those beneficiaries are receiving what is owed to them. To confirm that you have thoroughly searched the estate for any outstanding assets, we recommend utilising an Inheritance Data financial asset search. This unique service explores over 200 financial institutions and 350 associated databases to establish the deceased’s financial history.

 Inheritance Data, the UK’s leading Financial Asset Search experts, search a range of financial companies including banks, building societies, pension providers, savings and investments, DWP and FTSE 100 & 250 shares, to ensure they have provided a comprehensive report for you and your clients.

 Once a financial institution has responded and informed Inheritance Data if they held an account or policy for the deceased, the information will be recorded in an online report, (match or no match), do  which reduces excess paperwork. The report is available to view online 24/7 from day one of the search, allowing you to keep updated with the progress of the search throughout.

 In October 2019 during a search, £1.1 Million of unknown assets was discovered for an Executor to distribute to a sole beneficiary.

 There could be concealed cash in an estate you are currently administering, and Inheritance Data can help you to maximise the estate value.

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